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  1. 805gn


    Stock Turbo for sale needs to be rebuilt has shaft play and smokes $200
  2. 805gn

    Fuel pump

    Holly 12-1400 fuel pump bought it used and never used it looks like new was told it has under 3,000 miles. $280 plus shipping
  3. 805gn

    Elbo and wastgate

    Stock elbo and wastegate good condition $ 55 Shipped
  4. 805gn

    J Bracket

    My last 1 $45 shipped
  5. 805gn

    AC Lines

    $100 shipped
  6. 805gn


    2 J Turbo brackets sandblasted $45 apiece Overflow tank $25 AC compressor with bracket $80 Stock exhaust turbo housing sandblasted $65 Hard line and hoses for heater sandblasted $65 complete Plus shipping
  7. 805gn

    62mm Tb

    Any 1 Got a stock ported 62mm Tb for sale?
  8. 805gn


    Pair of qtr. glass good glass n rubber has 1 broken stud in the back. $75 3.830 Bore Engine Rings brand new just opened box. $90 Pair of GM head gaskets PN. 25528486 $60 Stock Fan $40
  9. 805gn

    Sealed Power Rings

    Sealed Power Piston Rings never used them just opened the box there all there. 3.830 PN E-434K 30 $120.00 Shipped
  10. 805gn

    Sending unit

    Looking for a clean working sending unit for my car anyone got 1 laying around? Thanks
  11. 805gn


    Looking for a clean stock intake 109 motor let me know thanks!
  12. 805gn

    Boxed rear control arms

    Looking for some boxed rear control arms with poly bushings all 4 anyone outhere
  13. 805gn

    Frame Notch

    Check out my frame notch... All Done.
  14. 805gn

    TurboBuick Frame

    Are All Buick 84-87 regular Regal frames the same as your TurboBuick Rides? Shood be right. In need of one
  15. 805gn

    Bare Frame

    Any of you guys got a bare frame laying around for Sale? 86-87 let me know! Thanks
  16. 805gn

    3.830 Sealed Power Rings

    New 3.830 Federal Mogul Rings For Sale Brand New Just Opened Box. $65.00 P.N E-424K 30
  17. 805gn

    Champion heads or ported stockers

    Looking for some Champion iron heads ported or fully ported 8445 heads! Let me know what you guys have located in So Cal.
  18. 805gn

    Upper door panals T Type......

    Really nice upper door panels of a 87 Buick T Type..... $75.00
  19. 805gn

    Rod bearings

    What would an idea rod bearing to run on a 4340 forged crankshaft and still running the stock dot 2 rods? Trying to get my motor finally going to build!!thanks guys.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. 805gn

    Stock rods!!!

    How far can you push the stock rods with ARP rod bolts?? Typical street Buick stock stroke,center billet caps,forged crank,forged pistons. Looking to run mid/low 11 on a safe tune?? Would they hold for bein a street driving Buick and maybe some track races here and there????