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  1. JP112_89

    6262 - Any reputable advertisers running any specials?

    Yep, bunch of us bought that converter Brian. It's not made for our V6...Wish someone would have told us... Trial and error I guess
  2. JP112_89

    Clevite bearings from Mike Licht-picture inside

    Wow Quiky! If you can't see the issue your blind! Surprised to hear this conflict. Been buying parts off FTS for 15 years without any issue... looks like I'm going elsewhere for bearings. Sry Quiky, I'd be fkn pissed.
  3. JP112_89

    Exh turndown/shorty muff

    I run a hushpower out the back turned down on Turbo TA. Like mentioned make sure you place it out the back of the car...Get it out from directly underneath the car... Directly underneath the car anywhere will be too loud for daily driver.
  4. JP112_89

    Is VP 110 Race Fuel still good for our cars?

    110 leaded is great! It's gonna be pig rich at 15#. Watch your fuel trims and iats ... carefully turn the boost up to 25 lb , air fuel 11:8 You can run 20 degrees of timing up top what that stuff. I run C12 ...cost $13 gallon locally but my car sees less than 200 miles a year. If I...
  5. JP112_89

    Good exhaust cutout thread?

    These V6's sound terrible imho with cutout. Save your money for a nice straight through 3" exhaust... There will not be any gains from the dump at that point
  6. JP112_89

    Turbo Buick with V12|1
  7. JP112_89

    Turbonetics T70 "S" Trim ....

    You wanna compressor wheel that's preforms at 3:0 pressure ratio . Have to figure #/min and while keeping it in efficiency island will work well. Sell and get 6262 BB and match to combo.
  8. JP112_89

    Turbonetics T70 "S" Trim ....

    That thing will spool like a complete turd. Don't do it.
  9. JP112_89

    JDPOLZIN is the BEST!!!!! I love him, I want to make out with him

    Jeremy sup man ...Gettin me a WH1 soon ...hopefully... Joe
  10. JP112_89

    Pics of 6162 S cover vs E cover (Turbonetics)

    Was going to measure the exducer of hpc 61 lazy
  11. JP112_89

    Pics of 6162 S cover vs E cover (Turbonetics)

    I'm taking about T61 6 blade it was PTE GT wheel. They have a compressor map for it. Op HAD tnetics 6162 which has the same comp cast wheel from PTE GT technology. He recently upgraded to hpc 6162.
  12. JP112_89

    Pics of 6162 S cover vs E cover (Turbonetics)

    The 62 turbine is a better match for the HPC 61 . Can't see HPC 61 being that much better the cast T61. T61 compressor wheel according to it's compressor map is good for 62#/min . 62 turbine is good between 65-70#min. I personally think HPC 6162 is about the best match of compressor/turbine.
  13. JP112_89

    Pics of 6162 S cover vs E cover (Turbonetics)

    That e cover has the T61 cast compressor wheel like the older 6131,6152,6176. The tnetics HPC 61 is forged aluminum billet.. Same thing basically... Both 6 blades ...turbonetics shaves the hub down. I have this same turbo as op..tnetics hpc 6162 bb. Same comp and turbine wheel as the...
  14. JP112_89

    Upgrade from TA49?

    A 5862 would be the next upgrade from the TA49/44.
  15. JP112_89

    E51 available at the pump

    I'm sure he means the timing is 24/22 for Eric's E85 chip.
  16. JP112_89

    Biggest turbo for stock heads?

    I wouldn't play sir mix a lot with gas. Get mine fuel (C12) from a local track. Set boost to 25 and timing 24* , A/F 11.8, tall tire....that fuel stays good foreverrrr and is very consistent. 60-61 mm turbo for stock heads.
  17. JP112_89

    Vigalante 5 Disc alternative?

    Got mine back in 2006ish cuz of Grumpy and Russ. Lock it at WOT no problems... Drives basically like a stocker.
  18. JP112_89

    DW400 pump on TTA stock hangar?

    Sweet thanks for the info
  19. JP112_89

    DW400 pump on TTA stock hangar?

    Any advice ? Changing out a stock replacement walbro ... Changing fuels
  20. JP112_89

    TTA Trunk Lath

    I would start with top down solutions or Hawks