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  1. gnetic86

    September Meet - the "Big One" at Cecil County Dragway

    Thanks for posting these here Mark...I missed the last few events. :(
  2. gnetic86

    Meet Info?

    Or you guys can post the meets here for peeps who don't have Facebook!
  3. gnetic86

    Meet Info?

    Where's the latest meet info? I guess us non-Facebook users are out of luck?
  4. gnetic86

    Hello? Is this thing on?

    Checking in...didn't see any post for the next (June) meet so figured I'd ask here. Also...figured I'd share this printout I found in my desk drawer at work...printed 21 years ago (6 years before I actually got my Buick)! Enjoy!
  5. gnetic86

    What's up???

    Two months.
  6. gnetic86

    Current Buick Status

    Gregg - who's painting it? Can we get a bulk discount??
  7. gnetic86

    Kirkwood High Cruise (Delaware) - 8/13/2016

    Just a heads up that the Kirkwood Highway Cruise is coming up, THIS SUNDAY, 8/13. In recent years a lot of MAGNA members have been attending this event. Definitely one to check out - HUGE! Find it here on Facebook (MAGNA):
  8. gnetic86

    MAGNA August 2016 Meet (Delaware) - 8/21/2016

    NOTE - The date and venue were changed for this meet. It was originally listed as 8/27 at a Go-Kart facility, but has since been changed to 8/21 at Hooters of New Castle. Hooters New Castle Date: 8/21/2016 (12 noon) Directions -
  9. gnetic86

    Got a New ride (d.d.) - (rev.) had to make my own MAGNA sticker?

    Sorry Mark, with all the complaints about the ones I was having made, I decided not to get them done anymore. Jim is working on a solid vinyl sticker I believe.
  10. gnetic86

    Looking for an Aftermarket Exhaust

    Unless you're pressed for $$ (who isn't), the Pypes exhaust isn't too bad in cost and works great. Can get locally in Lansdale PA or pick up @ Kirbans. Jeff
  11. gnetic86

    2016 Events (aka Paging everyone who HASN'T been to a meet!)

    So...for those who haven't made it to a meet yet...we're just curious as to what we can do to get you to come out? For those new to the club we meet once a month, rotating thru each state MAGNA is active in (NJ, PA, DE, MD). (Our next meet is in Maryland - see the other sticky for info)...
  12. gnetic86

    December 2015 MAGNA Meet (Delaware)

    Sorry guys not sure why nobody posted this up, but the actual December meet (in addition to our holiday gathering) is THIS SUNDAY, December 13th, 2015, at AMF Price Bowling Lanes in Wilmington, De. Details/address/map here...
  13. gnetic86

    Got a New ride (d.d.) - (rev.) had to make my own MAGNA sticker?

    Really??? Thanks for the vote of confidence, I guess you and Jim have it covered then.
  14. gnetic86

    New member

    Looks like it still works, but here's a direct link...
  15. gnetic86

    New member

    You tried to use the "Join" button on the web site and it didn't work? What happened when you tried it?
  16. gnetic86

    anyone in Bucks County want to help me put my car back together?

    I could possibly lend a hand, I work in the Newtown area, but I'm not really free until after October.
  17. gnetic86

    2015 October Meet (PA) - Red Robin Neshaminy

    October MAGNA Meet (PA) October's MAGNA Meet will take place at the Red Robin in Neshaminy, PA, which is located just off the Bensalem exit of the PA Turnpike. When Sun Oct 18, 2015 12pm – 4pm Eastern Time Where Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 3605 Horizon Blvd, Trevose, PA, United States (map)
  18. gnetic86

    2015 MAGNA Fundraiser and Raffle Drive!!!

    BUMP IT UP - You can now purchase tickets online at
  19. gnetic86

    April Delaware MAGNA monthly meet Sunday 26th

    Bumping this back to da top!
  20. gnetic86

    Winter is here whats everybody's project they got cooking??

    I put a new battery in...yay?