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  1. V6sleeper

    Atr front mount intercooler

    Atr fm inter-cooler for sale, owned many years good condition chrome steel 2.5" pipes. Vertical flow bar/plate core, Bov provision... $400 plus shipping
  2. V6sleeper

    Champion or Bgc intake

    Looking for a champion race intake or a BGC intake with the big plenum opening, just the bare intake manifold , dont need plenum or fuel rails, if bgc i do need the brackets...
  3. V6sleeper

    Cas v2, Esp fm, and more

    can bring to Kirbans on 5-4 1. Cas v2 with powder coated black 3" pipes $680 2. Eastern Performance front mount silver 2.5" pipes $400 3. Gn1 72mm plenum polished with t6 logo $175 4. rjc motor brace $50 5. rjc man boost controller $40 6. up pipes- stock $40, chrome $65 drilled for alky, 3"...
  4. V6sleeper

    Turbo buick parts I can bring anything to Kirbans if interested
  5. V6sleeper

    71hpq bb

    looking for a pte 71hpq bb 3 bolt (7168) H cover prefer but not necessary at a reasonable price
  6. V6sleeper

    Slic bracket

    Looking for a drivers side slic Y bracket and long alternator bolt ...thanks
  7. V6sleeper

    Hemco race plenum

    Looking for one as the title says not the stock appearing... thanks
  8. V6sleeper

    happy4444 great seller.

    Items came exactly as described, quick and packed very well! Great seller!
  9. V6sleeper

    Search function?

    The search function has been down for a few days...:facepalm:
  10. V6sleeper

    Another converter id..

    Shot in the dark but anyone recognize this converter? Measures 10" across...was on a 200 I picked up.
  11. V6sleeper

    Converter cover?

    Wanted to know everyones thoughts on running a converter cover or not, some say it keeps to much heat in and some say it keeps all the road crap out, which do you think is the best way on a street car?
  12. V6sleeper

    Converter opinions?

    Hi guys, im gonna install a new L/U transmission in one of my cars in the next month or so, I have 3 l/u converters laying around and was wondering all your opinions on my current 3 pieces, Also note- this is a stock block with low miles only mods are - te60 garrett, 60#injectors, tt chip...
  13. V6sleeper

    Slic id?

    Does anyone know the maker of this intercooler? double stock core looks like, 20"tall 22 row...ive seen 1-1/2 cores over the years but not double cores...