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    method to confirm antenna wire is still good

    As the title states, is there a way to make sure that the 30+ year old antenna wire on our Turbo Regals is still in usable condition? (Yes, I am referring to bench testing.) Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Dean
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    2 gauge A pillar pod

    As the title states looking for a two gauge A pillar pod. Picture please. Price shipped to 72758. Thanks. Please email to
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    High mounted brake light

    I wish to share a puzzler with everyone. These 30 year old cars find new ways to challenge me every month. The high mounted brake light on my '87 Turbo Regal has just started to remain on when the brakes are not engaged. The other brake lights continue to function normally. Can anyone...
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    Regal LS3 Conversion for sale

    In the spirit of complying with board rules I posted a for sale thread yesterday for my 1987 Regal LS3 conversion. Details and pictures in that post of course. I would have rather posted on this forum but placed it in the cars for sale section instead. Any one who has done this sort of...
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    1987 Regal LS3 Conversion for sale

    FOR SALE: 1987 Buick Regal LS3 conversion; was originally a Turbo Regal; chosen for conversion due to combination of a “worn out” original drive train in a 57,108 miles nonsmoker car without any rust and an excellent interior without any weird smells. Car was built to be an everyday driver...
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    Open car trailer

    For Sale: 2008 Challenger Series open car trailer from Terry's Trailers in OKC built and purchased in March 2008. Bed is 20 feet by 83 inches. Two 3500# axles with electric drum brakes on one axle. Four D-ring tie downs. Four inch dovetail. Two floor lights. LED lighting. Bearing Buddy...
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    Directional signal problem

    It's always something with a nearly 30 year old car. My Turbo Regal has developed a new quirk. Left turn signal works as normal. When I use the right turn signal both sides flash as though I engaged the hazard flasher button. Any ideas what has failed? Turn signal cam? Any ideas are...
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    Front and rear gray seats

    From a 57,xxx mile Turbo Regal. Nonsmoker car therefore no smells nor cigarette burns. Only wear marks are on the outer front edge of the front seats where the fabric would rub on the carpet. My guess is at some point the car was driven by a pretty big boy! Seats come with the usual hardware...
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    Need center rear seat belt

    Looking for an extra clean gray middle rear seat belt for my Regal. Thanks!
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    Aftermarket speaker recommendations

    Don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel. Plan tweeters in the Concert Sound enclosures in the doors. What fits without grinding/cutting metal? Any suggestions for 6x9 mid range speakers? Both need to be 4 ohm rated. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    A/C diode

    Used the search function and came up empty. Does anyone know the specs of the diode used at the a/c clutch connection? The markings of my diode are obliterated and need a replacement. Thanks for any help. (I am aware that Caspers's sells a replacement pigtail but really don't need the plug...
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    Engine stand

    Yes, this has been asked and answered many times before and I did a search but could not find the answer to my specific question. Does any one make an engine stand that is "custom" to the 109 block that allows use of the motor mount bolt holes? As always, thanks for any help. Dean
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    thermostat housing removal

    Hoping someone who has been here before can share how they solved this problem. Trying to remove the stock metal thermostat housing from the intake. This is a real pisser as any engineer knows dissimilar metals will eventually chemically "weld" together in time and here I am trying to remove...
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    Wiring harness mods

    Before posting this thread I reviewed this forum and failed to find this info. I am beginning the conversion of an '87 Turbo Regal to an LS3/4L65E. I plan to use the stock fuel system as much as possible, the factory A/C system and plan to totally replace the original dash. I should confirm...
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    Various Turbo Regal parts

    Recently purchased a 1987 Turbo Regal with 57,100 miles which I believe to be real. Plans are to upgrade/update the car. Had quite a number of modifications done back in the early to mid '90s. Items for sale below were all functioning properly when removed except I did not use the Direct Scan...
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    factory cassette belt

    Did try a search but failed to find a recent post. Anyone know of a source for a replacement belt for the cassette drive on the factory radios for the Turbo Regals? Wish to keep my original radio at least until the amplifier fails. Thanks for the help. Dean
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    Passenger side inner fender for Turbo Regal

    As stated need to find a replacement for the boogered up inner fender on a recent purchase that I am trying to resurrect. If you have one laying around gathering dust please let me know. Best way to reach me is email at Thanks.
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    Auto transport recommendation

    As the title states, has anyone used an auto transport service recently that they would recommend? Need to find someone and would prefer to use one with a recent good report from a board member. Thanks. Dean
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    possible Turbo Regals for sale at Bowling Green

    As the thread title reads does anyone with a Turbo Regal for sale plan to be with their car for sale at Bowling Green at the GS Nationals in two weeks? Any possible leads are of interest. Thanks. Dean
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    Painted alternator

    This question is not just specific to our turbo cars but would apply to any I would think. My situation is low voltage output at about 12.2 max right out of the alternator which was painted by previous owner (no, really!). The whole alternator looks like it was painted without disassembly...