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    Second Version Window Sticker on eBay

    I have looked at two GNX's that had two monroney stickers with them. In both cases, one was the traditional ASC McLaren version with all the options listed, that we're used to seeing, with the only clue that it was a Buick being the Trishield image (rev C?). The second was a traditional...
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    Book and Jacket Question for Original Owners

    I know I've got the letter and the Post Card and the envelope they came in that was sent by Molly to the original owner of my GNX because I remember sending copies of them a couple of years ago to someone on the board here. I will look for them tonight when I get home.
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    GNX Monroney Label worth?

    Boy, how did someone let that documentation get away from the car??? :confused:
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    GNX 435 For sale

    Come on guys. Why give someone a hard time? Daph... : Nice Car. Good Luck on your sale. :)
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    Selling my 87 GN, how much is It worth?

    I'm thinking you've posted in the wrong section. Sorry.
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    GN At Barret sold for $31,900 please read

    A general comment on the appearance of level of detailing of B-J cars: Every car at B-J isn't necessarily that nice. The key is bright lights, real BRIGHT lights. Makes even a dull paint job sparkle. In fact, half the cars (or more) that were on TV were sitting in the rain minutes before...
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    GNX ,Prototypes,Parts,Build Info, EXC

    This thread should be made a "sticky" by the moderator to keep it at the top. Rick, thanks for sharing this insider GNX related info with the rest of us. I know it takes time and effort on your part, especially in photographing parts and documents and lets face it as time goes on more and more...
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    2008 Gnx?

    Don't hold your breath. That's what happens when you've got a bunch of old men with no vision running the show. Bunky Knudsen, who was brought in to run Pontiac in the late 50's when Pontiac was about to fold, realized, "You can sell a young man's car to an old man, but you can't sell an old...
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    Are there still 547 around?

    I would not be suprised if there are at least 520 left. Due to the GNX'x built-in collector status right out of the ASC facility on day one, many of these cars have been hoarded, some by the multiples, by major collectors and stored, others singularly moth-balled and stored by turbo buick...
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    What does a 5000 mile 1 owner GN sell for

    Did he mean GN or GNX? This is a GNX thread after all.
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    GNX 089 Window Sticker on eBay

    My theory I have run across two GNX's where the owner had two "original" window stickers. In both cases, one was a "Buick" GN style sticker clearly listing the car as a GNX with the GNX number indicated, the other an ASC McLaren version that we're all familiar with. My theory is that the cars...
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    GNX for sale

    Viper vs. Z06 Twin & slowcar, I hear you. I know where you are coming from. If practical logic prevails, its the Z06, but emotionally, and I don't want to offend anyone, but my reaction to the Z06 styling is hohum...yawn and I have a hard time getting past that, even if it went 0 to 60 in...
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    GNX for sale

    Twin, How long have you had your Viper? The new SRT-10 Coupes are simply gorgeous. Faced with a choice between the 06' Viper coupe and an '06 Z06 which way would you go taking into account that you can buy a Viper close to dealer invoice and the Z's are going above MSRP 5 to 10K. Thanks. TC
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    87 Grand National, Astroroof, MINT!

    Yeah, It's getting some action all right. Looks like its out the door. Did somebody say that car was only worth $16k? :smile:
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    87 Grand National, Astroroof, MINT!

    Stick by your price Steve. The guys who have bought your past rides have some of the nicest rides on the planet and know it. Every car that I know of that Steve has had, has been a special car in some regard and always a cut above the rest in condition. In my mind that translates to real...
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    1,178 mile GNX up for auction

    I was there too. Another detractor on the GNX was that there were mouse droppings on the passenger seat and in the glove box. No telling what those critters had been up to. Besides the obvious corrosive damage of their excrement, they like to nibble on wire insulation under the dash and in...
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    Anyone in construction or building/built a large garage?

    Turnkey in my case=everything built and completed but the heat and electric. Local Contractor built it. I should add that it was completed 11 months ago and the contract was signed 16 months ago which obviously accounts for some of the savings considering how materials have recently spiked...
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    Anyone in construction or building/built a large garage?

    Just completed a 54x48 clearspan garage, post construction. Used scissor trusses 50' long. 11' high at the eves, 14' in the center. 12x14 insulated o/h door in end, 8x8 ins. o/h door in side. 5" 4500 psi insulated concrete floor. Steel on outside and roof. 3/4" plywood inside perimeter to...
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    Need help finding a GNX - thanks!!

    Sent you PM and email.
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    Bumper filler fogging

    Thanks guys. They are still soft and pliable but maybe I better look for some new ones.