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    Which sensor is this?

    Hello, Please help to identify the sensor in the center of photo? Car Regal LS 1997 V6 3800 series 2. Its on the passenger side at the very top of the engine, on opposite side of engine from MAF sensor. Thank you!
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    Support engine. Lower mount replacement

    Hello, I am replacing lower engine mount on the passenger side (at the bottom) in Regal LS 1997 V6 3800 series 2. I don't have tools to support engine from the top, so the only way is to support it from the bottom. What are the best places to put jacks to support engine? Thanks!
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    SMOG Check Regal LS 3.8L

    Hello, I am going to bring Buick Regal LS 1997 3.8L to California state. Anybody has this or similar car in California? I wonder if there's any chance it can Basic SMOG Check for emissions? (for basic SMOG area) Where I can find Basic SMOG Check emission requirements? Sticker on my car says it...
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    Parking brake shoe blocks rotor

    Hello, Car Buick regal 1997 LS 3.8L Whatever way I adjust parking brake it either does not block the rotor (I can turn it easily with hands) when parking pedal is on, but still at some positions I can feel that parking shoe scratched the rotor. I cannot find a way to adjust parking brake so...
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    Power steering reservoir hose

    Hello, I need to replace a rubber hose (return hose?, there's spring style clamp on it) at plastic connector at bottom of the power steering reservoir, but cannot find anything like return hose in car shop catalogs. Is it just a general hose or I need to look for hose designed for my car? Car...
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    Best Power Steering Fluid for Regal LS 97 3.8L

    Hello, I am going to replace Power Steering Fluid in Regal LS 1997 3.8L What are the best fluid brands/types for it? (preferably among those that walmart or NAPA or advanced auto or OReily delivers) I am going for a long trip, so I will rather overpay to avoid issues with the steering pump Can I...