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    GN1 head machining questions

    Champion does a good job with repairing aluminum cylinder heads- they repaired mine within 5 business day before BG last year but charged an expedite fee $200.00 in-order to get them repair so fast. Make sure that William at champion is your point of contact- a really nice guy. Haulz A
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    Wide Band Cable Routing Help

    Get that car ready for THS class in BG- you only have about 8 weeks left- Lol. Haulz A
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    Ths rules question

    Collin, Thanks for answering the suspension question- Dday is having issue with logging on the board.
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    Ths rules question

    Sorry about the delayed response concerning your question- I just talked to Dday and he said the suspenion mods are legal for THS. Are you planning on running your car @ the GS Nationals in May- If so please stay in contact with me ( Haulz A), slow91z, badv6 and gnmaster for any info...
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    Ths rules question

    Send Dday a message 11.20n1320- he is the RRA for THS- he can anwser that question.
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    Bowling Green May 13-16 2020 Turbo Hot Street

    I'll be there ready to rumble- All rules are still the same as last year's without any changes. Feel free to bring up any changes you feel necessary and we can discuss them with our THS class RRA (Dday). You should be able to find updated info concerning THS rules via this website. I look...
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    45a Turbo For Sale

    Ru gona run THS class next week in BG. Haulz A
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    THS Sponsors for Bowling Green

    We have a lot of people that will be participating in the THS class this year- guy's like yourself that's been around the Buicks for years but have not been out in a while. There will be several new faces and some from the past like self. Dday and I are handling the sponsorship which is going...
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    Standard 109 Block for Sale

    Also it will affect product quality of the seller, headaches and loss time and money for both the seller and purchaser of the product. That will be money well spent to verify the product quality before selling it- its a win win situation for both of us my friend. Haulz A
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    Standard 109 Block for Sale

    If you take the block to machine shop and have it cleaned, magna flux for cracks, verify that the cylinder will clean @ .020 and pressure tested then I will purchase the block. It only business my friend- it has nothing to do with your word or trust. We can save on shipping fees if your going...
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    Standard 109 Block for Sale

    Will the cylinders bore scoring clean up @ .020 over, ? did you magna flux since you posted the pictures. That block need to be degreased and magna flux to checked for cracks in the lifter valley, cylinder bore, cam /main bearing area and check main caps for cap walk. If so then the block is...
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    THS Sponsors for Bowling Green

    We now have Cruz Performance onboard as a Turbo Hot Street sponsor.
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    THS Sponsors for Bowling Green

    We are excited to post up the list of Sponsors for Turbo Hot Street in Bowling Green. Looking to be the biggest payout ever in the history of the class. For the first time we have a title sponsor. Boost Crew Motor sports is our title sponsor !! JL Enterprise Hartline performance Lorenz Racing...
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    New personal best!!!!!

    Thats impresive to run that quick with a 3800 lbs car/driver on a low compression engine (8.3:1) , small cam profile (206), old school TE45a turbo with .63 turbine housing , with only a 1.45 sity foot, 10 lbs boost lauch and 29 lbs of peak boost, 1/8 mile 6.39 @ 110 mph, 1/4 mile 10.06...
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    TE45A which exh housing should I use?

    I agree with Thumper- I ran that turbo about 7 years ago with a .63 precison housing on a stroker engine with 93/Alky and it spool really good on the street. Ran 10.30"s at the track with low 1.50 sixty ft off the foot brake without a 2-step device, TTweak 6.1 chip and stock ignition on the car...
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    Stroker built motor Pan to Plenum

    Nice build- looks really good.
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    F/S: Precision DBB 6766 CEA billet turbo

    Did Reed replaced the dual ball bearings on the turbo- the repair sheet list. Garrett T-3/T4 base rebuild, Ball Bearings - $385.00 Repair Turbine side piston ring (Included)- $0 Repair Compressor Side Piston Ring- $150.00 Open waste gate port- $35.00
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    Gbody parts TV cable