buick grand national

  1. N

    Parts and misc for sale

    1) Digital Dash - (column shifter) for parts $50 2) Digital Dash (intalled in car) $150 *Both are equipped with the upgraded chip by Casper electronics. 3) 84-85 Nose grill $50 4) Misc (rear bumber fillers) $10 5) Ash tray $10 6) Headlight Covers GNS $30 7) 81-83 Taillights $100 8) Quarter...
  2. Nelson Ramos

    1986 WH1

    High mileage car but drivetrain has less than 12k miles and has been garaged with no rust. The black on the car is original but the sides, gray areas have been painted. Car includes new fuel lines, gas tank fuel pump body bushings, front end and many many more restored parts. Over 25k in...
  3. G

    Value of a Grand National or Regal?

    Long story short....I know where an above-mentioned car is sitting in a most unsuspecting garage. I got about a 5 second glimpse of it but with an inch of dust on it, it was hard to tell. Supposedly it has been parked there since being bought but that is just hearsay. But I do know that the guy...
  4. TommyValentine

    I'll likely be inheriting my dad's '86 GN. It hasn't run since the 90's. I could use some advice.

    I was directed to these forums some time ago but never got around to making an account. I'll provide as much background information as I can, but my knowledge of this specific car are limited, as is my knowledge of cars in general. I know my way around a motorcycle but cars are a whole 'nother...
  5. Nelson Ramos

    Some NEW and used parts

    1- Air flow sensor SOLD 2- lft and rt. NEW Baffle SOLD 3- control arm bushing heat shield SOLD 4- stage 2 ta 49 turbo inlet. SOLD 5- Chrome heater cap SOLD 6- OEM radiator and windshield washer Reservoir used can use some cleaning but in good shape. $60 shipped (will Include caps). ****7- GM...
  6. V

    Youtube Channel I started - VenomGT87

    So I just wanted to let you guys know I started a youtube channel back in July, where I go on about DIY, How-To's and Vlogging around my Buick. If you guys don't mind please check it out, I figured if a picture is worth a thousand word, a video must be an exponential...lol My goal with the...