grand national

  1. L

    1987 Buick Grand National - Fully Loaded & Mint

    1987 Buick Grand National - $59,000 (OBO) 500 miles on pro-built 700 horsepower 3.8L. Best of the best, too much to list on motor. Art car transmission. 34 spline axles, alborne posi. C-clip eliminators. Aluminum buick GN-1 heads, 70 series ball bearing turbo, duttweiler intercooler...
  2. N

    Metco Wheel Well Fuel Cell Tank

    Either far from a long shot but’s worth the try does anyone’s have a Metco fuel cell tank available, much appreciated!
  3. S

    1987 Buick Grand National 23k miles Massachusetts

    1987 Buick Grand National G80 Hardtop with 22,9xx miles asking $45k -Power Windows, door locks, manual seats, Concert Sound II (works! and has an aux cable) -AC works (37* at idle) All original equipment with R134a conversion -Stock turbo, downpipe, and exhaust (hollow cat) -TT Alky chip, Alky...
  4. B

    Rear delco speakers, speakers brackets with oem cardboard surround

    Selling 2 original delco rear speakers and the speaker brackets with cardboard surround and foam sound deadening inside. Taken off an 87 we4 before being sold. Both speakers need new rubber surrounds but do work. Speakers $50 shipped Brackets $100 shipped
  5. I

    1986 Buick Grand National Twin Turbo Supercharged LSA “1 of 1” Custom Show Car

    1986 Buick Grand National “1 of 1” AKA "Grand Nasty" VIN: 1G4GK4774GP454431 Miles: 4K Original Mile Car Prior to Engine Swap 5370 Miles on Dash since Engine Swap Low Production Vehicle Only 5,512 Made This is the car GM Buick should have made! No expense was spared, absolutely no corners...
  6. 1

    Factory Valve Covers Turbo Smart Boost Contoler Factory Boost Soliniod and Breathers

    As the title states some items for sale PAY PAL Friends and Family only ad 3% To cover fee's Shipping will be calculated based on location all item will Ship USPS (US Mail) Factory Valve Covers (Need Grommets and good cleaning) $50 Plus Shipping Turbo Smart Manual in cabin Boost Controller...
  7. A

    Help, Confused about authenticity of GN

    Hey, first post on this website though I’ve had some things really bothering me about my 85 Grand National I just purchased. I’m going to attach a picture of a neat little paper I got along with it. Though, after doing some research I get more and more anxious. So, I’d like to start with the...
  8. 8

    1987 Turbo-T

    T-type car 118,000 miles all original Runs good Rebuilt transmission Interior all done Tail pipe has a little hole Comes with Original rims Call for details no texts or emails please 908-907-3278 $12,000 or best offer Located in NEW JERSEY
  9. C

    '87 GN pseudo-roller with all the upgrades for sale

    Hi all - I have my '87 GN for sale with Dale Cherry (Injection Connection) engine and cosmetic (interior/rims/etc.) upgrades. It is for sale with a clean and clear title, but was bounced off a median by my father ~5 years ago and it has been sitting in the garage ever since (and never saw salt...
  10. P

    1985 buick g.n hot aired

    any one know a good grand national mechanic in houston or close to houston tx
  11. S

    Video: The Dennis Kirban Story

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy my new video about Dennis Kirban and his story. Please like, subscribe, and share!! More videos to come! Steve
  12. M

    85 gn Help can't find fuel filter !

    i purchased a 85 Buick GN a couple weeks ago and I started losing fuel pressure and hearing a whiny fuel pump. So I bought a new walbro 340 and a fuel filter but I cannot find the fuel filter for the life of me. On the vehicle's title it says it's a 85 but it has a stock intercooler. I have...
  13. JRC99

    Grandfather's '87 GN

    I'm Joe, and I'm 18. I've grown up around cars thanks to both my father and my maternal grandfather both being gearheads. This is the 1987 Grand National he's had since about 1989. He was driving with my grandmother to buy either a refrigerator or a drier (can't remember which) when he spotted...
  14. Wrath

    Piston ID

    Previous owner of my GN "Freshened up" the motor at some point... Anyone know what pistons these are? Thanks
  15. N

    Northern Illinois 87 Grand National inspection

    I was planning on purchasing a Grand National that is located in Northern Illinois. I am nowhere near a professional when it comes to these cars, so I was wondering if there was anyone who knows about these that would meet me and assist with an inspection of the car to make sure it runs and...
  16. F

    Holy Grail ? Grand National

    I have currently at the shop a 1982 Buick Grand National Turbo. From what Ive been able to find out they only made about 15 of the turbo models in 1982. Currently looking to establish a valve on this car. Will be available for sale soon. If you have any info contact me at
  17. D

    1987 Grand National For Sale

    1987 Grand National Optioned with electric door locks, power windows, electronic cruise control, anti-theft system, automatic power antenna, concert sound system speaker, and power 6-way driver seat. Has a dealer installed sunroof. 2-owner car Same owner since 35 miles, original owner bought...
  18. Wrath

    87 Grand National, First car

    Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm located just North of Dallas, TX. Buckle up I bought my 87 grand national sight-unseen on eBay back in august of 2015 and have been lurking these forums since then (my join date). I drove it a couple days for the first week I owned it, added less than 15...
  19. N

    1985 Buick Grand National for sale runs and drives

    1985 Buick Grand National Runs and Drives All stock -It has been repainted and the Paint is a little cloudy in some spots when your up close to the car so it could use a good buff -It has a little bubbling in a spot or two near the rear wheel well -Received all new brakes front and rear about...
  20. T

    !!!Turbo GN/Regal!!!

    Looking to buy a turbo buick. Dings, dents, scratches are not a problem. Preferably no rust. If it's modded great, but it will probably take it out of my price range. PCB Florida.