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    Looking to buy a new or used CCCI SENSORCHECK DIAGNOSTIC TEST TOOL from Casper's electronics. Preferably in Canada. Thanks.
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    Grill Pieces

    Hello everyone, Last year I started working on restoring a Buick GN. While I've been able to find most parts, there's one I can't seem to find no matter where I look. Those parts are the ones that hold the grill in place, I have searched for over a year, scouring several websites to try to find...
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    Parts and misc for sale

    1) Digital Dash - (column shifter) for parts $50 2) Digital Dash (intalled in car) $150 *Both are equipped with the upgraded chip by Casper electronics. 3) 84-85 Nose grill $50 4) Misc (rear bumber fillers) $10 5) Ash tray $10 6) Headlight Covers GNS $30 7) 81-83 Taillights $100 8) Quarter...
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    Gauge cluster and trans dipstick

    I'm looking for a gauge cluster and trans dipstick for an 87 GN. Don't need the tube but understand if you don't wanna split them up. Let me know what you have and shipping to 19090.
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    Looking for power steering reservoir &more for turbo t

    Looking for a power steering reservoir and brackets etc.. Also looking for interior for a burgundy/oxblood car, and stock shifter assembly thanks.