3 inch exhaust system, good or bad???



Hi All. Has anybody used the gn1performance 3 inch stainless exhaust system with the mufflers??? I wanted it without the mufflers, but he won't sell it that way. Does it fit O.K.? Does it perform O.K.? Are there better mufflers out there, if so which ones? Also, I need to run a 3 inch test pipe if I go this big, correct? A bigger down pipe??? Any feedback is great.
Gn1 performance makes good stuff, yes 3 inch is nice, you can get a 3 inch cat as well if you dont want to runa test pipe. Im not sure about the fit but they know what they are doing at Gn1. im just not sure who would carry a 3 inch cat, but ill bet that Gbody parts carries them or another vendor. Good luck