6776 dbb to 70dbb?

Is the 70 a 7076 or HPQ? Big difference between the 2.
lets say a 70 dbb hpq

There would be a huge gain if the combo supported the turbo. The 70 hpq is the most common TSM turbo and has been 150+MPH in a TSM car. So more cam, heads, torque converter and a lot of other items not mentioned could potentially make 150-200hp more than the 6776. I dont know what you mean by street performance. You will lose some drivability going larger but if the boost and tune is the same on the street as at the track engine performance will be the same. If your going to go to a 70 hpq i assume you are building a 9 second combo that will trap at least 135mph.
I did a search and only found this result. I am interested in a 7076HP thAt I found. Is this a good trusted turbo for a Anderson built 10second motor with 60lbers, a 3200 stall, and a big front mount?
A couple pictures of turbo. The inlet housing looks off to me... Should it say precision as well?


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The turbo will support 9 sec power and won't be a fast spooling turbo with less than 3200@0. The compressor will out flow the turbine over 75lbs/min

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I love my 70HPQ DBB. 249CI Stage 2, GN1 ported heads, 215/220 cam, E85, 3200 9/11 lock up converter. Instant spool up. It's like Ice Skating on the streets with my 315's!
No, it's getting dynod this Thursday. We will see where it sits. I've been waiting on getting this thing tuned for a very long time. Hadnt had it past 8# until this past Saturday when I switched to a manual TurboNetics controller and ran at 14#. I don't know how well this car is going to drive on the street at mid 20's. It was ice skating at 14. The car is set up more as a ProTouring style of car, not really a track car. I'll more than likely run it this year at least once. We shall see.
Car made 710rwhp at 27# of boost but smoked the tires on the dyno on that pull. Dialed it back to 24.5# and made 651. Timing was 20deg.
I have a 6776 DBB water cooled H cover .63 turbine housing in beautiful condition I'd love to trade for a 6466! Lol