I just got back from Mecum,that def was not John's car.Johns is way nicer !!!!!!NTM,the car at Mecum has a gray interior and astroroof.
What are the chances of there being two 9,000 miles silver turbo T's on the market? Some feedback on Turbobuick.com's Facebook page, some thought it was the same car, thanks for the clarification.


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Nice!! I have the same color combo w/chrome pkg tho, never thought I would see another grey/maroon.. Good Luck!!
Wow very impressive car. I couldn't agree more on finding a stock TB and keeping it stock. They are getting harder to find as are the parts. Definitely worth every penny. Some lucky person will buy this car, just wish it was me :(

Good luck man
Wish I was able to pull the trigger on this car but need to sell my car first.Great color combo,mileage is right,not hacked up .Somone is going to get a nice car.
If this is still for sale, contact me. I think I was the high bidder on Ebay but reserve wasnt met. Lets make a deal., I have been on here, educated by the seasoned elders so to speak. It brings great ease seeing it on here with some verbal(text) backing of its quality and cleanliness. I am still very interested.

I am new to the forum - this is actually my first post. Been trolling classifieds for a while searching for aTurbo Regal - but for some wacky reason never thought to look into this forum's classifieds in my search for the "perfect GN."

Anyhow, I am now looking into a GN for a close friend of mine, and came across this car...which I am extremely pleased to announce myself as its new owner.

Yes John...this is Vito. No worries as she's nestled away in the garage with the rest of her stablemates since I brought her home. I can assure you, it's going to have a nice cozy life ahead;)

For those that may not know John, he's a stand up guy and true to his every word. This being said, I am looking forward to possibly meeting some more folks here and learning the ins and outs of these fine automobiles.

Take care for now,