Anyone use a single Din flip out 7" screen?

I did look at the ones that fold down and like the pioneer the best so think i will just get that one. Would like to see a pic of it in your car though.
Theres my deck


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well went to a car audio place that I haven't been to before and saw they had the pioneer AVH-X7500 model. He asked what I was looking for and told him the new 7700 model. Went in the back and came out with one. And worked out a good price so I took it home. now just needs to get a little warmer out so I can get this all installed.

I bought two of those bypass switches from ebay but could never get them to work. Followed instructions but who knows maybe I was doing something wrong.

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There are 2 different switches. I had to get the newer model switch, depending on what model radio you have. It sends the ground signal different like the parking brake was on