Car Show, June 09, 2018 Greensboro, NC


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On June 09, 2018, the Triad Chevy Club will hold their 24th Annual Car Show in Greensboro, N.C. Yes, "Chevy", but don't go anywhere just yet. See the attached flyers, and take note of the variety of vehicle classes and sub-classes. I am new to this forum and just acquired my first Turbo Buick, an 87 GN late last year, that was brought back to life by Richard Clark's Garage. For many years I attended the Chevy show with a 1993 Mustang Cobra that I let go last year. My understanding is that the club's membership and officials are very open to including new classes based on their experience and the interest shown in a particular make, mfg. and/or model. I was told that I should register the GN under the Specialty Class, #39: Specialty Cars. I encourage any Turbo Buick owner to join me at this show and maybe we can make a statement and break ground for a new class to be added to this show. My experience is that this club puts on a great show, and takes their business of hosting the show very seriously. If you have any questions I am sure the folks listed on the flyers will be glad to take your call, or feel free to contact me. Best WIshes, Bob Handlon, 336/202-6110


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