Custom music upgrade


Its never fast enough !!



Are those 12w7's? What are you pushing them with? I had a 13.5 w7 with a JL1000 in an S class benz, and it damaged my hearing. You are going to go deaf! Looks nice.
Yes two 12w7's I'm pushing each speaker with a 1000/1 , tht grey piece you see is where the box ports into the car... & I'm runniung 10 in car speakers for the highs.

Are you running a couple of dry cells? I had really good luck with the Stingers. I am planning to do something with mine once I get it running right, but I was looking for something lighter and more conservative. I think I'll be going with an 8w7 and running a 500/5 to power my whole system. Jl 6x9's on the back dash and maybe some Jl components in the kick panels or doors. Post some more progress pics, looking good so far!
Wow, that thing must be crazy loud with two W7's being pushed by amps like that! Crazy heavy to tho.
yeah it is damn heavy, But I think its helping my launches.. I filled up the right side air bag. & its sticking off the line like never B4. I was banging out
1.5 60ft's No problem... ;) Probly nothin to do with the music tho. I Just want to hit the 11's in my daily driver with a trunk full of beat..