do any other GN T Tops fit our cars?


Need to know desperately, lost one of mine today:mad:Never felt so stupid and lucky in my life. Lost at speed, watched it peel off the roof and the driver behind me took evasive action. No one hurt.
Thanks, just need to know for sure. I have found a pair for the monte carlo of same period, but not convinced that they are identical.
Any Gbody will fit but you have to make sure they are factory. I have seen some 86/87 gbody cars with aftermarket T-tops I should know I owned an 86 cutlass that was aftermarket they are nothing alike.
Call Gbody. I'd bet Brian can tell you.

Most 86's are locking. Seen some early 86 models that were not. 85 & older are non locking. 86-87 GM are locking.
82-88 Gm units will interchange.
Hopefully you went back & recovered it so you can remove the lock. Don't feel bad we sell more T-tops in the late summer & early fall then we do all year. Calculating shipping for 1 to head to the UK. now.

Not that locking the t-top sounds important to you Tim :tongue::biggrin:

Easy way to check from a distance if the car will have locking T-tops is it will have a 3rd brake light. Not a definite to the fact alot of these have flew out over the years but it will increase your chances.

C & C aftermarket T-tops will stand out. They cut the hard top roof to install. You'll notiice the trim is not like yours & has been cut.
Thanks Brian, good info. Thanks for sorting me out again!
..and yes, I did the U turn of shame and went back to collect the (barely damaged!) remains of the T top. My car is GM style, i'm positive, has third brake light too.
Can only drive it now when the sun shines.
Thanks John, the big problem is shipping to the UK for a private vendor. Brian has packed quite a few parcels for me so I should be good. T Top not the easiest item to pack securely!