fiberglass spoiler


Damn, that was fast!
Has anyone seen one of the aftermarket wrap around wings installed on a car? I own a body shop and deal with aftermarket fiberglass products daily now that the cool thing to do is to attach large chunks of crap to your rice-mobile. There are so many companies building absolute garbage that I am hesitant to order a $500 wing that may require as much effort to correct as it would be to manufacture my own.
I am considering constructing a replica if a decent one cannot be had for a reasonable cost. I have a friend who worked for Vector making molds and prototype parts for thier cars out of 'glass and carbon fiber. He is sort of a god. He is NOT cheap, however, so the bill will be high. If I need to go this route I would love to minimize my cost by selling a few copies.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as my factory wings are rusty, cracked, deformed, mangled clumps.
I work beside this place. I can get them for $225 US from him. They are a little rough as he molded off a rough rubber one. Has 2-3 tiny bulges but nothing a good sanding can't do. If you need let me know.


Looks like your car should haul A$$.....

What bugs are you having?

I'll need one of those spoilers in about 6 weeks. Does he have them available now, or do you give Him a deposit to make one?
He has a couple now I believe. I will be getting one and painting over winter. Car just does not want to work with what it has now. It has gone an embarassing 12.20@112 1.8 60' on DR. I run it safe (1400egt). It is a daily driver but want 11's. Opinions are stock IC and heads are the biggest thing holding the car back. No money right now but "they" say with V4 or equivalent and P/P heads, she'll go 11's. I can only hope... must say it is harder then talking about it :(

I'll keep in touch on the spoiler.

I have heard people going 10's( high 10s) and never taking the engine apart. Are you running race gas?

One guy hear on this site has basic bolt ons, race gas and runs consistant 11.30s.

Godd luck with tuning. ;)
I have not yet tried monster injectors like your 83s. I'm presently running 43s but have a set of 55s in my closet. I guess I'll need them noe wiht the pt-72.