For Sale: Aluminum mandrel bends, interior trim and parts, bumper filler, and pics!

I have three 3" 45 degree, 4" radius 6061 Aluminum Mandrel Bends and one 3" x 12" Straight tubing that I purchased for fabricating a cold air intake for my car, but I went a different route. I've had em too long to return it to Columbia Mandrel Bends (where it's purchased from), so I want to get rid of them. $10 per 45 degree piece, and $5 for the straight, plus shipping.

3.5" x 16 3/16" long 6061 Aluminum polished tubing, some minor scratches and scuffs, $12 plus shipping.

3" 90 degree 4" radius aluminum mandrel bend, $15 plus shipping.

NOTE: All of the above is 16ga thickness, or .065", and is high quality tubing.

I have a used grey glovebox from an '87 Regal in great shape, $20 plus shipping.

I have a LF Danko Reproduction fiberglass bumper filler, brand new and unused, the manufacturer sells these for $95 for a front left and right, or 47.50 per side, I am selling for $25 plus shipping. Personally, I have Danko Reproduction filler pieces all around on my GN, and I am very satisfied with the fit.


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Some other stuff...

A pillar trim panels, grey and in great shape. $10 each, plus shipping.

You'll also see in the same picture the steel trim panels that goes between the a pillar trim panels and the rear quarter trim panels. These are nice pieces, need a little better cleaning, some scuff thru on the paint on one area, but hardly noticable. $8 each, plus shipping.

I have two of the stay down gas door/license plate holder, as opposed to our stock Buick ones that want to close when your trying to pump some gas in.
These are direct bolt ins, I media blasted both of em with glass and even removed the spring and pin to better clean it up. They are ready to paint, or send to the powdercoater's. I'll ship em in ziploc bags to prevent any surface rust from forming. $15 plus shipping.


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I almost forgot...

And I have a nice PCM cover/kick panel for the passenger side, grey. $10 plus shipping.


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Alright guys, I will be sure to give you a quote tonight after I get out of work. Paypal is the most convenient for me, I just ask that you add 3% (I think that's correct) for paypal's fees. To everyone else, the bumper filler and all the 3" tubing is spoken for.
Assuming that the above members and a member who emailed me purchase the parts they requested, the only things left are:

1) Glovebox
2) 3.5" x 16" 6061 polished aluminum tubing
3) A-pillar trim panels
4) Metal trim panels

Also, I'm looking for a 3" stainless "test pipe". I have a 3" stainless dump pipe that I would like to trade for one. (

And, I have a very rust free driver's door off of my Grand National from S. Carolina, it has damage to the outer door skin, but thats all. I can't afford a door skin for it, and I don't want to throw it out, so maybe someone who has a door skin, or great bodywork skills can have this for $40 obo. Located near Indianapolis. I'm looking to move soon and I don't want to take this with me, but I will if there are no takers, and I'll have to wait till I find a door skin.

Thanks for looking!
It looks like the driver's side A-pillar is spoken for; will be posting pics of the door tomorrow. The bumper filler panel is also sold.
I'll take the glove box. It would ship to NJ, zip 07419. I'll right after you send a total and paypal address. Might be interested in a stay down plate too if you still have one.


Buickrob, I didn't recieve a PM from you yet, but I will set aside the glovebox for you and get you a quote on shipping after I get out of work. To everyone else, all of the 3" tubing has been paid for!
Matt 87 WE4

Still have fillers? looking for fronts and backs depending on price, and condition. thanks..........Matt