Ford F250 Super Duty...


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anyone on here own one?
i've been toying with the idea of ordering a new '06 regular cab XL with a 6 speed/4.10 posi and the 5.4 3v V8
i havent been able too find any good info or feedback about the 3v V8 anyone on here know about its performance and reliability?...i dont want the V10 (have some here at work and they are gas guzzling turds) and i cant afford the $5300 option for the turbo diesel
well, i'm looking for a new vehicle. so i can get incentives and Ford financing
plus, i dont need all the power that the diesels have and i hate the racket they make. not too mention diesel fuel is about 40cents more a gallon now everywhere around here and with a 38gallon tank, that adds up VERY quickly!! :eek:
the diesel just doesnt work for what i want
Have you driven one with the 5.4? Even with the 4.10 gears, they are kinda dogs. The Ford's are pretty heavy trucks....even a Reg. Cab. is close to 7,000 lbs. Although I am a diesel fan, they aren't for everyone. You couldn't give me a 3/4 or 1 ton truck without either a diesel or big block. There is no sense having all that capacity if you can't use it because of a small motor. The 3 Vavle V-10's should have plenty of mucle to do whatever you wish. It's a lot easier to have too much than too little.
yeah, i drove an '06 XLT FX4 reg cab with the 5.4, 5auto and 3.73's on friday.
you are right, it didnt have a whole lot of "get up" but, it got up too speed plenty quick for as big as it is. it felt beefier and quicker then my friends '02 250 with the 5.4 thats for sure.

i dont think you can get the V10 in XL trim anyway. i'll have too recheck the website. i do know from the 4 bucket trucks we have at work with the v10's that they are gas hog turds!!
i dont want too pay the extra premium for the XLT trim when all i am after is a base model with towing options for a light car and trailer
If it was sluggish

If it was sluggish w/o the trailer I think you will be disappointed trying to pull with it. Do some math and I think you will be suprised that it doesn't cost too much more to just get one with the v10. You say that the trucks at work are bucket trucks. I'm sure that doesn't help the mileage with the extra weight.

Just an example, I pull with a BBC in a 1999 Suburban. Doing the math against by brothers 2001 5.3, it comes out ahead in the cash outlay(Purchase price, insurance, fuel). The problem with his is it can't pull my trailer.

Also figure in resale unless you plan to drive it forever. Might be wise to check out some used ones.

Just some thoughts.
I guess it all really depends on how much you are towing and how often you are doing it. If you don't tow very much, the 5.4 might do it for you. If you think you might get a heavier trailer (or car being towed) down the road you might want the bigger motor. I can't say for sure, but I bet the gas mileage with the 5.4 is only slightly better than the 6.8 V-10.
I bit the bullet last year & got (payments) on a '05 F-250 Super Duty with the 6.0 turbo diesel & 5 spd auto. Being my first experience with a diesel, I am not too happy. I really need more of a daily driver & tow once in a while. This is made more for haul anything anywhere, and accelerate doing it! I don't care for the clatter, and it seems to bother me more now vs getting used to it. The stink is a bit much for me too, gets in the house sometimes warmin up in the driveway 60 ft away, and into the cab too. Got to drive the 1st couple minutes with the windows cracked to clear it out. I am kinda sensitive to odors like that, and like my clean air :)

Also, only got 11 mpg at best, towing my med size 7 x 16 trailer with bare min in it (probably 4k total). Many say I need to do programmer etc to boost power AND mileage. The 28 gal (approx) tank on the 4 door crew cab sucks BIG TIME, especially when they say don't go under 1/4 tank in the cold. That's approx 180 - 200 miles a fillup, unless you play it too close & can't find any stations with Diesel where you are in unfamiliar territory (did it thru West VA). Got a 5 gal jug in the trailer from now on. They didn't put the $58 option for the clicker to unlock the doors, which is severly aggrevating. Going to do aftermarket on that, and see if I can get a bigger tank or reserve installed. Maybe aftermarket exhaust could help too, cut down on back pressure & leaks in system. Of course, ANY mods void the super 100k warranty on the engine.

The new V-10 seems WAY better than the early V-10's Ford has. If I could do it over again, that's what I would go with in a heart beat. The 5.4 is not enough for towing, unless 1-2 times per year on flat land. The super duty is just too much power & reliability, and trade off daily comfort for it. Makes more of a "work" truck out of it, unless aftermarket rims/tires/etc.

Might trade for an '06 Crew cab with a V-10 ;)
Suggest get it loaded too, the few bucks a month are worth all the creature comforts if you drive it every day. Last thing you need is to not be totally happy with a 30-40k purchase because of something simple left off.

PS - NO issues on cold startup, with different brand fuels & no additives or block/oil heater, down to teens in temp so far! It has 2 fuel pre-heaters on it I guess. Takes a bit to heat up on cold days, probably got to block the radiator a little.