Front seatbelts wont retract

Hello, new here. I just got an 87 GN AMD the front seatbelts wont retract on their own. Is there a way to adjust them some way or do I need to replace them? Thanks in advance.


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That's probably because the mechanical rotary thingys in the door jam area are not engaged properly to the seat belt retractors. If you open your doors you will see what I'm talking about. They are located below the door striker. Someone may have removed them at some point and never reinstalled them correctly.


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Along with what turbobitt posted, if you don't open the door they won't retract. This is by design.

To get them to retract before opening the door, give the shoulder harness piece a light tug and let go. They should then retract.



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Pull the seatbelt all the way out, then give it a small tug to try to activate the ratchet.

And check to see if that lever in the door jam is broken like others suggested too.
The lever is not broken but it's not installed correctly. I'm working on it now and Ican't seem to get it right. The red cylinder part is in the white nylon grommet thing but it wont retract. I'm wondering where the flat part of the red part needs to be aligned. I know this is a vague description, sorry.