GN transplanted engine exhaust question


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I want to do a '87 Gn complete engine/trans transplant (out of a wrecked car) into an older question is exhaust related..specifically: I have room under the car for 2-3 inch exhaust..what were the GN engines engineered for? Is bigger truly better for a GN exhaust they need the basic restrictions (catalytic,single to dual) or will it respond favorably to a real free flow exhaust? Thanks for any info/help...ED
trans national!!

ive seen Gns with 3" exhaust no cat no mufflers. im pretty sure you can do the same even though the car is different
You can put whatever exhaust you want under the car, however i think youd have to worry more about the downpipe, or is it the same style as the TTA? then i guess you wouldnt have a problem