GNS Performance GNX Style Dash Waffle

scot w.
Okay guy's we are doing a dash waffle for one of our GNX style dash's! Our dash's are a true 100% Plug n Play dash (No Smoke and Mirrors) You enter by buying some stickers and we send you your stickers and your tickets then on Saturday we will have a random child reach into the bucket and draw a ticket and we will announce the winner at the GS Nationals event in October. We will also post it here on this thread and contact them via email / phone as well... The winner will be able to custom build their dash the way they like it and we will build it and ship it to them. The reason it has to be built for them is because there are too many variables being stock OEM computer, XFI computer, Digital dash car or Analog dash cars.

Click link below to get your tickets

Revolution Dash1.jpg


Phantom Nitrous dash.jpg

scot w.
This is still going on, we are shipping out stickers daily for this so place your orders for stickers now and receive your tickets for the waffle!!