Have a 87 Gn an looking for someone to work on it in Indiana!!

Glad to have you aboard the best TR forum on the net! You can check the forum index to locate clubs in your area to contact some of the guys close to you. If you are too far from any one that can help, first keep "reading" and ask ? on here and we will help as best as possible w/o hands-on.
www.vortexbuicks-etc.com is a knowledge source for bringing you up to speed. Also, www.gnttype.org
State your problem, mod's, etc, and again,Welcome!
Not sure where you are in Indiana.. But Rick Lutz (turboBurick) is in Mokena... He's THE GUY... Super nice.. Knows his stuff.. He does my installs and tuning.. Look him up, I'm sure he'd be able to sort out your problem..

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