Hide a SMC kit underhood?

The difficult part would be hiding the ALKY tank. You would need a longer line that comes with the kit if you planned on putting the tank anywhere else besides the fan assembly. I always get wierd looks when people see under my hood :D , it would be cool to keep it all hidden. Let us know if you get it figured out.
you could hide it behind the head lights I bet but it would be a hassle to fill. Even if you could get the bottle hidden, where would you put a nozzle? With my front mount I could hide it easier but with stock location IC ...well just something to ponder.
You need decent access to the bottle to fill it. Pump and level switch is inside there so build a kit yourself to use other bottles or locations otherwise you will have to undo the $300 kit to modify it a lot.

Finally access to the prime switch and low alky. light and pump on lights is important to me. I keep them visible at all times.

Therefore the controller sits on top of the radio pod. and yeah doesn't look all that great. ;)

I think the box should be hideable with a remote pump on switch and all the lights for power on, pump on, and low alky. located on a much smaller remote display.

Yeah you could make one yourself and modify the kit too. :)

I made my own bracket and mounted the bottle higher to clear the V4 and not drill the fan shroud. Easier acess for fill.

I did paint the bottle flat black though. :D

Just my .02.