LBC - Palm Harbor & Paninis - Lutz & Cars and Coffee


Hey tampa area folks! Ive been crusing lately to LBC in Palm Harbor (monday nights) and Paninis Bar and Grill in Lutz (thursday nights) to stretch my cars legs. These are local cruises put on by Floroda Street Scene . Haven't seen any other Buicks. Does anyone in the Tampa area ever go to these or am i the only one? Trying to beat my car "Ron" into submission for as long as the weather stays cool at night.

I also try to make all the Dupont Registry Cars amd Coffee events . Next one is this Saturday on St Patties day but i wont be able to make 3 year old starts soccer that day .

I havent seen another turbo Buick yet since i i bougt my new Buick over a year ago .

Let me know if anyone wants to join me . Every time i go someone says they have a friend who owns a Buick so i know im not the only local guy with one. Even tonight some dude says he knows a guy with an 8 second white T who is local...pretty sure he was talking about Richie.

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