Longer ball joints ?

What are the benefits of installing longer upper balljoints in stock upper control arms ?
I bought new Mevotech ball joints from Summit but the taper is wrong , the nut only goes halfway down,no way I can install the cotter pin.
The Mevotechs might work as longer ones but I sure like to have the cotterpins in place !


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the taller joints fit into the stock arms but the whole idea is to create the geometry so the tire stays flat with max tread on the surface. With the stock arms and the taller joints the geometry isn't at its best.
I thought taller lowers helped eliminate some of the bump steer and reduced the need for a correction kit.
Think about the way the front suspension is put together. A taller lower ball joint moves the spindle upwards away from the lower control arm. It also moves the steering knuckle, since it's attached to the spindle. That moves the tie rod end upward, and then it's no longer parallel with the lower control arm.

That's what creates bumpsteer. When the tie rod doesn't move in the same arc as the LCA, you get toe change as the suspension moves.

The upper ball joint doesn't disturb the relationship between the LCA and the tie rod, so you can change it without affecting bumpsteer. But the lower? You want to add bumpsteer correction if you lengthen the lower ball joint.


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From what ive read/remember the tie rod is not parallel with the lower control arm now and thats why we have bumpsteer now and raising the spindle helps eliminate that and the bumpsteer kit was for stock height ball joints. But im just telling you what i thought, not that you are wrong.