Looking for interior trim clips


Gbody Finatic
I am searching for the black plastic clips that hold the forward piece of headliner trim up against the windshield. Does anyone know where I can locate these? They always break when pulling that forward piece of trim out, but I can't find anyone that sells them aftermarket. I tried Original Parts Group, but they said no. However they do have them for the El Camino, but I don't know if they will work or not and they don't have a clue either.
I just bought a couple from a local Buick dealer last month. They had a hell of a time finding the right one, but they had them. I got mine from Toth Buick in Akron. Go to tothakron.com or call the parts department at 1-800-248-7928. The part# 20058837.
You could also go to gmpartsdirect.com but you have to buy a pack of 20. The cost is $0.81ea at gmpartsdirect. The dealer was $1.37 each, but I did not need 20 of them. Check your local dealers with the part# if you like. I do not know if the El Camino is the same or not. I know the front and back clips are different for the GN though. The rear clips are the same as my old 87 442 so I had a couple extra of those laying around. Hope that helps