Most Desireable Stage Block???


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Of all of the various Stage blocks available, which, IYO, is the most desireable? What can one expect to pay for such a block? Would it be virgin or used?

Thanks very much.
4.1 Stage II Off-center. Hands down, IMHO.

I consider $1500-$2000 for one with 4.020 bores and under a good price, up to $2500 for a virgin, or 4.00 bore block, clearanced for stroker crank, and all mods done.
I' rather have a S2 4.1 off-center block.
All accessories bolt up, no shimming crank sensors or balancers. Most S2 offcenter blocks were drilled for wet sump oiling (eliminates need for external oiling kit).

Downsides include: hard to find (off set) connecting rods, Less overall strength (no cross drilled #1 main cap). Oh yeah COST too!

Id like a used dimentionaly stable off center 4.1 with 4.000 bores:)
Thats just me:) I like a block that has been heat cycled and stable. I may have found a new 4.1 off center block and if i get it i will keep it and sell another on center block:) It may not be used but it will do :D :D :) :) He HE
Originally posted by Tim Barnum
Any stage block for under $1000 in good condition is very desireable:D. I'll take two. Tim

How did you get your car weight down . E mail if you like, as I'm not trying to get off subject with this post.

I got me a 3.8 StageII off-center Virgin block:cool:
it has siamesed cylinders and if Im not mistaken can be bored out to over 4.0". Its obvious that it has never been assembled the lifter bore oil feed holes had not been drilled,no sign of cam bearings ever being installed no freeze plugs except 2 in the rear deck. it had spider webs in the oil gallies. I paid $2000 for it.
Very nice Block.IMO
I'd have to say my S2 on center cross bolted 4.1 is a good one to have.The bore is only .05 over and it has the 6 bolt mains.I wouldnt even take $3000 for it bare block.
bad2bone: I have the same block. Mine only has 4 bolts/cap. How did you add the extra bolts?
Hi Cal, 4 bolts thru the bottom of the caps and the other 2 thru both sides of the block.
So you have 4 bolts going through the end caps (#1 & #4) along with the crossbolts? And you have crossbolts on the center caps (#2 & #3)? I would love to see pictures of it. This is another one of those "odd" stage engines that have appeared. Is the part number still a 25500153?

My block only has crossbolts on the end caps which only have two bolts holding them down from the inside.
same part # as yours.from the side view of the block 4 bolts going thru the side on both sides for a total of 8 cross bolts.I'll try to post some pics soon. Later
Steve B
That is very interesting. Are the center main caps splayed? I ASSume they are saddled in the block similar to the front and rear.
yes they are.the front crossbolts are countersunk into the block.

Steve B
Originally posted by bad2bone
same part # as yours.from the side view of the block 4 bolts going thru the side on both sides for a total of 8 cross bolts.I'll try to post some pics soon. Later
Steve B

I am still hoping to get some pics of your block. I have never seen one like this and want to see how it's done.
Hi Cal, I'll try to post some this weekend.Sorry but been so busy I forgot .

Well here's the inside of my '153 block. If you look near the top you can see the center 2 caps don't register all the way out to the block sides, so side bolts would not be possible in this case.



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Your block is just like mine. I was wanting photo's of a block with 6 bolt caps. I have heard of a couple of people who have them. I wanted to see how it was done. On our blocks the center caps don't register into the side of the block. Then you have an issue of the crossbolts running into the outer splayed bolts.
On GNTYPE.ORG you can see what's up witht the main caps on at least 1 and 4 register, under the 153 block modified.

I hope this helps.

You can for sure see why the cross bolt blocks can only be dry sump.