MT DR 275/60 on Weld Pro Star 15X8 3.5 BS

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So after a month of deliberating on what tires to get my driver I finally ordered a set of the MT 275/60. Let me tell you these things look mean and fill the wheel well up pretty darn well. I would not run this tire with any less back space than the 3.5 inch that I have. To be honest with you I would like to try the tires on a 10 inch rim with 5-5.5 inch BS for a tucked in look. When we set the car down the side walls rubbed the stock fender trim. The shop that mounted my tires will correct that tomorrow morning. My rims were in storage and have not been cleaned yet so please forgive their filth.

Pictures to follow (From cell phone)
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That's the same set up my son has on his car. His is still on jack stands, how bad did they rub and what are your plans to cure it??

That's the same set up my son has on his car. His is still on jack stands, how bad did they rub and what are your plans to cure it??

Please keep in mind either my springs are after market or they just sag.
I am sure no one wants a 4x4 ride height in the back either.
When I put the car into reverse the trim caught the tire and started to fold over. The tire shop is rolling the trim and the fender.
I will provide new pictures tonight. I could have probably done it myself but the car was not able to drive.

Pictures would be nice. I'll check in later, I'm off to my B-day dinner...:biggrin:
Happy Birthday man.

Now to the news..... After rolling the fenders and taking the trim off still no dice. My springs are just too low to make this tire work.
Tonight or tomorrow morning I will be pulling the stock height springs out
of my race car and putting them on the driver. I will have Dusty hook me up with some coil over type springs for the race car.
I hope to have a more positve report tomorrow

I run the exact tire on the stock T-Type wheel with no issues. The back space must be a little more.
+1 Running them on Stock T-Type Rims with no Problems but then again not sure what the back spacing is.
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They look great! That is the same exact setup my brother ran on his GN (Weld Prostars 15X8 with 3.5" BS and the M/T 275/60)... Do you have airbags?? Reason I ask is on my bro's car he had the stock high mileage saggy springs, but with the airbags he was able to keep the tires from rubbing and then eventually he rolled the fender lip and never had any problems..

Definitely hook us up with some more pics when you get her done!:biggrin: :cool:
I have 275-60-15 dr's with 15 by 8 with 4" bs with no mods to the wheel well and the car is not a 4X4! The tire is up in the well, I used cargo's from an 82 monte that are shorter than springs for a Buick. Car sit's almost level with 205-70 15 on the front, and I can put a person in the back seat without rubbing. I think ya need more back space!

I got the car home today and everything looks ok.
I have to thanks Manny at Five Points Tire for all the hard work
and keeping the car for an extra day to make it work.
So now lets talk about what I did to actually make it work.
I pulled the progressive/stock type height springs out of the stage 2 car.
They bolted everything back up and it now works well with out any rubbing.
The shop took the fender trim off but I think I will install it back tomorrow if I have time.

Notes for anyone wanting to put this tire on their car:

-Make sure your springs have stock ride height or replace them

-Even if the stock ride height is achieved make sure that the springs are strong enough to keep the fender off the tire on bumps and turns

-It is probably a good idea to be prepared to roll the fender

-The 8 inch rim with the 3.5 back space looks good but a 4 or 4.5 would tuck in better. (I would really like to see someone try this)

-Make sure you have the appropriate lug nuts for the wheels you have.
Not all shops will carry the specialized units you will need

Pictures to follow...