Need help on Cadillac suspension


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I hope this is the right place to post this :confused:

Anyways, my wife drives our '95 Caddy Sedan DeVille. We have owned this car for sometime, I want to get rid of it, but she will not let me. The car has 90K on it, now it is getting a reading on the dash that says "service ride control." When driving the car, it seems like there is a strut or something else in the front end that is loose. The car used to be very comfortable to could let go of the wheel and drive for miles. Now the car doesn't even want to stay in the lane. I think it is the strut on the pass. side, but not sure.

It looks like the cost of struts for this car are outragious. I have seen them for $300 a piece! I found a conversion kit on the net that uses regular struts. Anyone have any experience in these? If anyone has any Cadillac suspension experience, please help me!! I am trying to get my Buick's engine back together and do not need this car to cut into my funds ;)