Noble Buick vs Ford Vids


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Will add more as I digitize the rest. Here are the "fast" cars in the competition.


Most of the fast buicks got put in the far lane that was slightly oiled on the big end.

Jack peddled the car and still won, bones peddled and barely lost, and john did a great job even driving the car.

Thanks for coming to the event guys.

Sorry for the quality, there is an HD dvd that can be ordered if anyone is interested.

Jerry jr.
Another vid

This vid is the raced leading up to the "fast" races in the first video.


I'll post more later, time to sleep.

Jerry jr.
Was that a 9.14 or a 8.14 Jack ran? It's hard to see the times......

Yeah it was a 9.14. He was mid 8s on his other runs, but he tried to smash the pumpkin on that elimination pass. That lane sucked, and we had more powerful cars than the Fords did, but we got to try to run in it :mad::mad::mad::mad: