Opinion on 1/8th Mile VS 1/4 Mile

1/4 mile vs 1/8th mile for 2019 TB.com nats

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Ok everyone we are in the planning stages for the 2019 TB.Com Nats so we are going to start early with a few polls to get an opinion on what people are looking for for next year.. This poll is for 1/8th vs 1/4 mile. We would like opinions from racers this and prior years.... Choices are 1/8th mile close by OR 1/4 mile a little less than 2 hours from RCG.... If you vote, please give your opinion along with your vote so we can best determine what route to take for next year. If you do not plan on coming or don't really care we ask that you please refrain from voting... Let's hear you!


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Im a 1320 guy .but for me the first time i raced 1/8 was TB.com Nationals.In the end i thought not bad really you need to be on your game .For a 2 hr drive to the track i will live with 1/8


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1/8 Mile for safety.
My car will never be caged, and while a cage is still needed, I feel safer at 1/8 vs 1/4 mile speeds. I have no intention to drive a 4 hour tound trip, just to run 1320. JMO.


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NO saftey stuff ??? 1/8th mile your still doin a 100mph.. Ya don't think that will hurt if ya crashed ???? :rolleyes:
True. 50mph can hurt you badly.
I know that kinetic energy increases by the square of the speed so its a lot less energy at 110 mph than 140 mph. Not that my car will ever be that fast but just saying . . .


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I prefer to stay at one hotel for RC's & the track , and after driving 12hrs to get there and then 2 more to the track is just TOO much !!
1/8 is OK by me .
I prefer 1/8 racing @ piedmont track because its closer to the Richard Clark event which we enjoy coming to as a Buick family each year. Plus 1/8 racing is a drivers race- ask Bob Slusser (BobbyBuick) Lol

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Not a racer. Spectator.

Always liked Piedmont. Pit area more centralized. I like the BW being central to RCG and the track. And, I could wear my Piedmont hat again :/

Went to Farmington, for a while, on Friday this year, to support the show. I doubt I would go back, and that with an hour + drive.
A two hour drive would definitely rule out the track for me.