Orientation of cooler fittings


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I did a search, both for an online version of the instructions for my B&M cooler, and here on the forums, came up short.

I'm changing the position of my cooler again for going back to a stock location intercooler and can't remember, does one fitting need to be higher than the other for flow purposes. I.E. would strapping it to the condenser with both barb fittings pointing down not be a good idea?
Thanks but my lines were removed by my transmission guy and hooked up to an external cooler originally in front of the radiator. Then I moved the cooler out of the way for a front mount intercooler. Now I'm back to putting it back where I was. I've also changed to an F-body radiator.

That picture would help if I was changing straight from the hookups at the stock radiator, but I've been running this other cooler for a while. The hard trans lines have been bent and moved around and now I can't tell which one was originally on top.