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Trying to clean out the garage so im posting a few items for sale.

-complete 86/87 intake. Very clean on the inside. Comes with everything you see. Might want to replace the fpr. The top nipple is loose. Ill include the egr setup and and all vaccume and heater lines. Heater hard lines is very clean with no rust. Not sure on the condition of the sensors. 450$ plus shipping.
-Two stock turbos. Both have some side to side play one might have been rebuilt at some point. Inlet bells included. 170$ each plus shipping.
-Main acc bracket 60$ plus shipping.
-Front and rear Y bracket 60 or 35 each
-Small L shaped compressor bracket 20$
-Intercooler brackets 25$ each or 40$ for both.
-good belt tensioner SOLD.
-Coil bracket 25$
-Power res bracket 20$
-Water pump pulley 25$
-driver quality gn center caps 25$ each
- chrome maf pipe with welded tornado style fins. I used this maf pipe to get rid of my turbo surge and it fixed my problem. SOLD
-foggy vdo boost gauge 15$
-86/87 dash harness. All cables and connectors are there and not broken. The purple starter wire has been spliced along with a thick pink wire from the fuse box. Speaker wires and cig lighter have been spliced as well. Everything else should be there. Asking 150$ shipped

All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. All items priced based on other threads. If something seems overpriced let me know and we can work something out. Please add 3% for pp fees or send as a gift.
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I could post more pics just ask


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