Refinish Q


Hi All,

Been dormant too long in here!

I'm about to send out an old (1913!) Colt M1911 to Accurate Plating & Weaponry (Cogan Custom) in AL for a refinish. Anyone here used them before? They were recommended by a member on the S&W Forum, those guys are pretty anal about their finishes. A previous owner did a number on the slide, ruined all the hard edges and sanded off the Rampant Colt logo...
Pretty much looking for anyone's experience with Cogan, thanks!

Turnbull's is high, Ford has had some quality issues lately.

I just checked their web, it seems like all "new" and high-end stuff. Maybe they do restoration work, but I couldn't find it.
They do restore. I've seen their work.
Here's what I got back, before and after. Pretty happy overall, I did include some early period-correct parts and instructions to install them but they came back in the same baggy they went out in. Hence the ugly scratch from me installing the hammer and safety myself. Nothing a little Dykem Blue won't fix! They also buffed out the inspector's mark on the frame and didn't redo it, oh well. A tick over $1900 in a 5-digit Colt ain't too bad. The resto work was $683 including FedEx overnight both ways...