Screws to hold on rear bumper fillers?


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Hey guys, I just found something weird on my Limited. The rear bumper fillers are normally held on by studs sticking out of the body but on my Limited, they have screws screwed into the body to hold them on. These appear to be GM becuase the center black plastic that goes around the gas tank filler is the same. The paint is original on them as well. There are no signs of a stud ever being there. The quarter panels that I have seen have studs on them also but there are none on this car. I have asked a few buddies and they say they have seen the quarter panels both ways but have never seen the rear of the shell using screws. Have you ever seen this??? I would just leave this but the screws go into the trunk and look bad. But on the other hand, if thats how it was originally, I'm gonna leave it alone. Otherwise i'm gonna weld new studs on it. Kind of weird but like I said, original paint, no sign of studs ever being there, and the screws look like GM. By the way, the heads on these screws are hex head and are 10mm and are silver in color.-------Jeremy