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Gbody parts tubular upper A arms.Complete with ball joints. These have less than a few thousand miles on them. Powder coated and in good shape. One ball joint needs a rubber boot replacement. Should be less than 8.00 at the autoparts store.

130.00 shipped cont. US.

TRZ rear upper control arms for Gbody with 8.5. Fresh heim joints. Notched for Ford 9in if you are using one.

125.00 shipped cont. US

will have pics tommorow
GN8secondv6 is first in line for the front uppers. Im awaiting his payment.

Vik1986, would you be interested in just the rears ? Please let me know.

Are these the rear arms?


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As far as I know and the website displays all of the TRZ rear uppers are adjustable.
How is the ride with these uppers? There is only a bushing on one side of the control arm. Im afriad it might make the ride to stiff.

Chris, I did not find the ride unnacepatable.

The TRZ UCA are double adjustable.

I also have 2 sets of small diameter QA1 coil springs for Gbody. 12 in long 150 lb rating. and a 12 in long 135 lb set. They are almost new just some scratches from install. They are light weight, give you exhaust clearance and are powder coated.

They will lower the car, how much depends on how heavy your car is out back. These 2 are very common in drag race G bodys.

60.00 a set plus shipping.


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