Ta-60 Too Much?



I want to know what you guys think about this combo. I currently have these mods. TH 3" downpipe, hooker exhaust, K&N filter, aftermarket intercooler on my 87 GN. I am having ALKY put on and 42# injectors and I wanted to put on a TA-49 but was told that a TA-60 would be better. I have a stock convertor and am afraid the TA-60 will have too much lag. Would appreciate some feed back.
read my combo, i have a diffrent converter but it is a 2800 stall. go with the ta 60, you wont be dissapointed.it is bigger than the ta49 but not that much as were you would need a bigger converter.:D
so you think the TA-60 is a good starting point even with the stock convertor? what RPM will it spool up at?
i ran that turbo with 009s and it wasnt a problem at all. i did cange over to 50s though for other reasons. go with the 60, you wont be sorry.:D
that TA-60 turbo MIGHT be a little laggy with the stock stall converter...but if you have really good free flowing exhaust with no cat and you have 50 lb injectors and with the right chip spoolup shouldn't be too much of an issue...I know with my TE-44 turbo which is one step down from a 60 my spoolup was absolutely awesome...