Tire Question....


I would like to try and run this class again...I tried it two years ago and had a good time... managed a couple of good runs and a few aborted runs. I have a set of legal radials mounted on stock GN rims but they do not match my front rims, how critical is the four matched wheel rule? The other classes I am looking to run have the same rule...so I would have to bring 8 wheels and tires to run two classes...and I may not have the room.

Tires & Wheels
1. Any matched set of four (4) chrome steel or aluminum wheels are allowed.

2. Rear DOT radial tires with a sidewall designation of up to and including 295-55 are allowed with a stated treadwear of 200 and above. (drag radials and slicks prohibited)

Thanks for your feedback/input, John
do i personally care if the wheels match???? No. If it saves people money, time, etc.... Then im all for it. Only thing set in concrete is the tire rule itself. All others can be negotiated possibly