trade sbc parts for your buick parts

New dart 400ci block with 350 mains machined ready to go $2000
rotating assembly
Used lunati Pro crank (bought from Dusty)
new Howards billet steel rods 6"
new Race Tech Pistons with pins and rings
new ATI balancer
new pioneer flexplate
Every thing is balanced and ready to go $2500
used trick Flow injectors $300
used Mgnafuel EFI 750 pump $450
used Victor jr e intake with rails $300
Every thing is plus shipping
Will trade for equal value on Buick parts
Cell number 205-296-5151 Thanks Rusty
I need a good brf trans with lockup converter 3200 to 3500
champion iron heads with roller rockers
roller cam
some where around a te45 turbo maybe a ptrim66
Those are the big parts I need.
well i have them m&a heads, i'll trade for the intake, fuel pump and inj...

i have a 9-1/2 n/lu precision convertor used it was in my car long time back, i was driving thu it dusty said so i went with his....and also got a 200r4 core for building.... have 72gtq with 63 housing, and a 76 turbo too same housing,, also have new ta perf front cover assembly. might even get rid of my 68-h turbo what was on my gn now,, went 7.0's on reg street tires not dr's. got alot of stuff here.. steels main(1,2,3) block girdle(cat)