Two fer Sunday!


Old and Bold
Last Sunday was a beautiful day in South Florida and I took the T Type to go to breakfast with my girlfriend. Driving down US1 in North Palm Beach, an area notorious for the Sunday morning speed trap, I see this late 60s red Chevelle running me down. The speed limit is 35 and I was dead on it but this Chevelle is making the effort to catch up. I pull up to the light and its not just a Chevelle but a Yenko Chevelle! A beautiful car. And on my right side a Nissan 370Z pulls up! Now the next 1/4 mile takes you right past the North Palm Beach cop shop and its the spot where they set up the speed trap. The Yenko is reving hard and on green he and the Z blast. I didn't and as luck would have it there were no cops. The next light is red when I pull up and same scenario and lineup. This time on green I go about half throttle to see if they want to play and both are all in right away. the Z was out by a half car by time I hit it and game on. It spun and then hooked and I pulled right by both of them. A two fer! It was a light to light race and when I pulled up to the next light the driver of the Z pulls up along side and says "nice! What's in there?" To which I said a 231c.i. V6. He got that look on his face that is priceless.I hit recall on the scanmaster and it said I hit 24lbs. of boost at 81mph. I make a right turn and my Kansas redneck girlfriend said"smoked him!"
Breakfast was so much better!
Pics of said girlfriend or it didn't happin.:D
Lol! As much time as you spent in Playa deal Carmen and Puerto Adventuras you may have met her so...
She's a good girl and I can't believe my good fortune. Sometimes the planets just line up. Riding in the TType with my girl and burning down a Yenko Chevelle. When I was pulling the seatbelt tighter and purging the alky and the Chevelle was chucking high rpms revs at me my girl had that look of fear and excitement on her face. I told her hang on baby. But when the beat down was over and she was smiling and said smoked em, well that was icing on the cake!
Not unless she was hanging out with Gringo I swear he's waiting for a statute of limitations to run out somewhere.
Actually haven't been in a few years.
You're not gonna believe this but he has showed back up in P.A.! He doesn't have the restaurant but you can be sure he has some scam going on, the last I heard he was trying to claim squatters rights in a 6000+ square foot house on the golf course. Gringo Dave, what a con man