What does everybody think of theTurboBuick.Com new update

I Love The New Format …Especially the Black out LoOK is Mean :eek: and all the new face expressions SMH… I have Soooo many to choose from LMMFAO!!! Love it :ROFLMAO:
I find it hard to read, all the text is white with a black background, before the text boxes were all clearly distinct..been that way since before the great server crash...in fact the text box I'm typing in now looks to be the same as the text box above of existing text..and the border is the same color for the most part. Terrible change imo, I'll stay away more..
I just noticed the too the top button that was in the lower right corner is gone. That was handy.

OK found it way way at the bottom.
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I douibt anybody's eyes are worse than mine, and I find this format pretty easy to read, even without my glasses.
If you guys do not like the black, you can go under your settings and change it back to white.

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I Like the change so far.........Hope it works well with IE browser. As I type I do notice that it is slow to keep up with what I'm typing & I'm not that fast.

I miss the post count as well also hope the old iTrader rating counts come over to show what they were once before.