Who did *YOU* meet for the first time @TB Nats?


Tall Chinese Guy
After 17 years of sharpening my TB skills, I finally got to meet some for the very first time.
Great to meet these gents, and apologize in advance for leaving anyone out. I had a chance to meet some inactive members, so don't recall their screen names :p. In no particular order;

@A2000RICH -Thank you for opening your facility to those seeking to learn.
@Sydwyndr - Thanks for the HARD work and efforts pulling this thing together.
@TurboBob -What can you say about the "Wizard of Ours"? Thank you for all the help!
@Eric Stage I - Finally got to say "Thank you" in person for all the teachings. What an incredible guy.
@SloGN -Finally got to shake hands and say thanks for sharing over the years. Awesome GNX and Best Wishes!
@wb_7354 -Nice to meet and interact with you. GREAT guy and a great build.
@Coach -Incredible products! Truly a guy that matched his talent to the cause.
@Steve V -What a great guy and vendor. Straight shooter, very honest, and very knowledgeable!
@GNVenom -Finally got to say "Thanks" for keeping these cars going.
@Phoff -Nice to meet someone so helpful and knowledgeable
@getdowngranny -Nice to meet you and sharing some info, and real fajitas! (hahaha) Thanks for the conversations!
@Scott Atk -Awesome products and display! Wish I could have spend more time chatting/learning.
@SPOOLFOOL2 -Thanks for the pointers on the rear bumper filler installation, and GREAT meeting you.
@turbolou -This tall good looking gent has some of the best jokes and one liners. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

That Tall Chinese Guy


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Howdy Jerryl !

It was great to meet you as well. I now know who i was debating in the hot-air forums .. :) Glad that you made it here and took in the awe thats richard clarks place.


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Was good to meet you face to face as well, Jerryl!
Like you, I got the opportunity to meet most of the people you mentioned above as well.
Had a great time at the 2018 Nationals!