Wife wanted her own "fun" car


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And I think we may have went a wee bit overboard!


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The color is "Furious Fuchsia". 1000 RT classics and 400 srt8s are the only mopars to be painted this color. I told her I'd sell the buick and only have one "toy", but she insisted I keep it, citing the fact that it would not be "her" car. She made it clear that it would not be "our" car. I wish I had some direct sunlight pics of the whole car, it really turns pink in direct sun. The only downer for me is that it has an automatic. But it is still a blast to drive, and not at all underpowered. Holds 2 car seats great, very comfy power tour type ride.
Chicago auto show pic shows it more accurately. Color changes A LOT in various lighting.


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Is that the original plum crazy purple? I wish Dodge would reproduce the original rally wheels for these.
If you are going to jump overboard, might as well be into deep water! Excellent choice. Want one to go with my Hemi Ram truck.:biggrin:
hello people; I find it a little odd a women would want a pc. of american iron. Maybe it's the part of the country your from or maybe it came down to the color. Alot of women I've met seem to like foreign cars more. Good luck with it and I believe you might get lucky for a while.
One more thing I kinda remember the old Challenger had some special shifter or something? Does it still?
and another thing everytime I see a post from TR Customs he shows his CAI and it keeps me thinking.
There's a FF R/T at the local dealer here.
Nice car. I have been looking real hard at a code B5 blue R/T.
Nice head rest! looks like same one in wife's Grand Caravan.:p

Now where is the PROOF its you wifes car? I dont see her in any photos.
Maybe its yours :D
When I first saw the new Challenger I told my wife we should sell both our GN's and get a black on black SRT8. She said no, she likes her Buick......
Very nice!!!

IMO the new Challenger is the best looking new car on the market. I've seen the heritage edition cars in B5 blue, plum crazy purple, curious yellow, artic white, and now 'Panther Pink/Moulin Rouge/Furious Fuschia'.

Tell her to enjoy it :)
I think you married a good women:rolleyes:My wife loves the GN more than me so I had to go buy a Limited for myself.She has made it clear the black one is hers and don't mess with it(too much)I know I married the right women:wink:

I think that is a newer version of the old "Panther Pink / Moulin Rouge" that Mopar used in 70/71.

Exactly! The color (Panther Pink / Moulin Rouge) was launched at the 1970 Detroit Auto Show. The car at the 70' show was a 1970 Challenger Convertible with a 440....Same color combo as your car: Pink with a white gut! Very neat throwback!
Times? Well she has her heart set on racing me at a test n tune some night, so it just might happen. They're actually pretty close to the stock GN times. Around 14 flat, give or take a bit. The 6 speed cars do have a pistol grip shifter in them, the MOPAR '10 edition has a really bitchin shifter. But, the lowly auto/stick is just a knob. My only complaint is the lack of headroom with the sunroof. I'm only 6 foot even, and I slouch a lot, but my head still hits the headliner. Also it doesn't have the power windows with the one touch up feature, unlike every other car dodge sells. Pics of her in it? OK. It fits car seats in it too. There's a local guy with an original FM3 panthr pink '70 'cuda that's gonna let us snap some pics together.


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Way to go Bob:cool: My plans got changed last week and I went to Iowa. Headed your way this week, sure you dont wanna sell the 87 yet?
My wife loves her srt 8 black on black. She likes it even more with the turbo that we added. She says she can't get enough of the whistle.:eek: