will 98 z28 wheels fit 87 GN ???


Probley been asked this a zillion times but will late model GM wheels with a 5 on 115mm bolt holes fit our 87GN with a 5 on 4 3/4 bolt pattern (which equates to 114.3mm),,,this is awfully close and maybe it could work. I just love those late model 5 spoke wheels(camero and firebird) when they are chromed,would look soooo good on my silver tt and you can find em cheap enough at swap meets,anybody know the answer to this,please chime in,,,,,Jack
They have about 2" too much of backspacing to work. SLPonline sell wheels that will work, the swapmeet/junkyard variety will not without expensive adapters.
late model GM wheels---

UNGN----thanks for the answer,even if it is bad news,oh well,could have been worse,I could`ve bought them only to find out they dont fit,well thats why we have this forum,,thanks,,,Jack