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If you are still looking I have one posted in the for sale section here. 1986 with nice mods and great paint/interior. I'd sell for 23K
I remember GNX 223 very well....used to visit Dralle Buick in Peotone to drool when it was NEW. Have photos of it in the dealership. In 2001, I purchased a NOS GNX dash from GNX Guy ,who previously owned it. 223 was on Car and Driver segment with Joe talking about it. That GNX was also on display at the corvette museum.
You may give my info to the new owner
If deal falls through on T-Type please call me. 585-355-4253. Pete. I read each installment on your car a couple of dozen times when they were printed.
rick j.
Will do Pete. Glad to hear it, nice to hear those things from GMHTP readers. Thanks, Rick
Keep me in mind if the deal falls through. I would love to put the next 160k on her. AWESOME car.
rick j.
Thanks and I definitely will. Rick
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