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Vacuum block and EGR have been shipped out.
USPS Tracking #: 9505 5121 2149 8162 3706 05
Estimated Delivery: Wednesday, 6/13/2018
Hello Bison: Need help: I purchased a new PTE Gen2 68/70mm Turbo for my 87 Turbo T. Balanced and Blueprinted 3.8 stoke stroke w/Champion Aluminum heads/Intake, 218/218, and 83lbs injectors. I have a 3" DP and dual 2.5 exhaust w/3.73 gears, & 2004r and a 3800 stall from Protorque. I can't get it to stall past 2400 before I start to spin the tires.....Eric from TT thinks the turbo could be an issue w/my setup.
Fat Nat,

Payment did not show (no big deal...)

PayPal account:

Send me your shipping address - item already packed for shipment - and I will get this out tomorrow.

Dan, got the "Care pkge".
Let me have your PP addy, and I'll pay you.
CYA in BG?
A question on the shoulder harness bolts.
How do they work? Is there some sort of a spacer, that the bolt slides thru, to keep from clamping the slide loop tight to the body?
I have the snap over covers, and 2 steel sleeves, that don't fit thru either the harness loop, or over the unthreaded

Guess I'm kinda "dense" at my age...
i might be interested. Where are you located and what might you be looking for in trade.
Hello Mario, I was wanting to see how much you charge per wheel for my '87 GN wheels. They are in pretty bad shape, been sitting out side for years. I live in Florida so I know shipping will be quite a bit. I was going to do a wheel at a time like one every two-3 months. I will get pictures today and send them so you can get an idea of what they look like. Thanks in advance.
Great meeting you today man! I hope to see that Limited our real soon. I’m in Warrenville if you ever wanna hit me up to cruise (as long as the old lady lets me leave...LOL).
Congrats again on your first trophy. If you are going to hang out at a show or a cruise night shoot me a pm. I should have my car on the road this week. Far from done but drivable. I travel for work so I'm never around during the week only weekends.
Huge thank you Jeff for helping trouble shoot my GN last night over the phone. Issue happened to be the after market security system which is now out of the car. I really appreciate the info!!
Hey my friend I'm in the market for some heads and heard your the one to talk to
Putting together a 109 street strip
Champion ported intake
62mm turbo
I've got compcams hyd roller 210/215 that a lot of people seem to use
Let me know if you can help me out or what you would recommend
Can anybody tell me the difference between a 1985 and 1986 GN or T-Type. I know first generation is hot air but what does that do performance wise?
Here is my cell number 904-206-9505 Text me when you have time to talk and I can tell you about this light set. Thanks!! Randy
Dont ever deal with this member.. he will take your money and NEVER send you parts. Still waiting for my valve body, or my money back!
I’m trying to remove the passenger side cylinder head she’s starting to separate but not enough to pull the head apart what’s the name or brand and where can I purchase the cylinder head removal tool that works by entering the spark plug hole and uses some kind of an adapter? I can sure use the help thanks 3inchdownpipe
3inch downpipe
Where can I get the removal tool from?
Chuck Leeper
Chuck Leeper
Tool? No tool I know of, to take a cyl head off. Intake and exh off, head bolts out,. Then, I use a long screw driver, or breaker bar, stick it in an intake port, an lift up a bit, to break the gasket loose...Done.
Text me at 904-206-9505. We can work something out with the light out...even trade. I don't want it. Thanks!!
My Paypal is let me know what your shipping address is, thanks.