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Just bought a grill from jerry86ttypr. Very easy process and communication was fantastic. Seller shipped asap and described his part correctly. No BS here.
I was cleaning my nasty shop this morning and stumbled on your front-mount intercooler. <gasp!>
Are you still interested in that thing?

Last I recall, I was trying to locate a pallet to mount the crate on - so I could get a quote for shipping.

I am *SO* sorry that I dropped the ball on this.

469-443-8323 (TXT)
Earl: Tom here (about the Pipe "kit") ... just let me know what you'd like me ta do, and will go from there. (I'll check-in from time too time).
Hello I have a GNX Buick jacket size medium for sale. I am asking $1500.00 will include shipping.
WOW! I found some cool GN and GNX Jackets that were GM Licensed products for 39 to 79 bucks online. What is the deal with that jacket that it is worth 1.5k? Was it owned by Dennis Kirban, Bob Bailey or Richard Clark or something? I would be willing to take a look if that is the case.. I'm just not sure, if someone famous didn't own it, if it would be worth $1500.00.. I'm kind of a noob though.. You got pics?
Its original. the ones you are finding for that price are remakes. They only made 500 GNX cars and the jackets came with the car.
Cool ,awesome find!
Hi Zach,
I have what you are looking for.
I believe the SLIC from GN1, Gbodyparts and TR Custom are all the same.
Mine was purchased from TR Custom.
It's in nice shape. Everything is included (Hoses, Clamps, Up pipe with bung for Alky, Brackets, Shroud).
I'm looking to get $475 plus shipping.
Let me know what you think.
Morning, you posted awhile back that you had an exhaust for a GNX do you still have ? and is so how much. 774 696 3585 THANK YOU KERRY
looks like fuel tank is coming down all the electrical seems good, also need to fix brake boost problem.rad is pooched. exhaust pooched.rims pooched. need to find parts in Canada. this car is mint
Hello sir, I’ve seen your post on the transmission cable fix may I ask how you adjusted it to work on all gears? You mentioned adjusting the sleeves or something around those lines? I’m in desperate need. I’m taking my dads project over and fixing it for him. He unfortunately is giving up on his cars.

Thank you sir!
Good Afternoon:
Just read a post about a GNX for sale and someone indicated that you have a nice GNX for sale in Jacksonville. Is the card listed on a website where I can see it and read some info on it. I did not see it on this website.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!!
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Yes, I have a GNX with 922 miles. Send me your email and phone # or call me at 904 509-5095. Thanks, Rob
OK, just waiting for my AC delete to come in, then after taht I'll be taken all the AC stuff off my car
Looking for a stock radiator hold down for a 1987 T ragal. Would you have one ? Shipping to 40229.

Thanks, Michael